“Trecia Neal delivered everything she promised. We are so happy with the garden design that she provided for us!" - dr. deb rosenstein

"Now I've got a bunch of new plants to look up. The more I look at your design, the more I see, the more excited I get. You've got lavender in there!! And bee balm!! And echinacea!! And I love all the grasses! I was just looking a photo of the front of the house, imagining all this in place and beautifully filled in. I can't wait to make this happen. And this is just the beginning!!". - MaryLu Stevens Big Canoe, GA Sept, 2018

Trecia drew a beautiful plan to transform our front yard into a pollinator garden. We have an active deer population in our neighborhood and my frustration level was at a highpoint when I contacted Trecia. She created a plan using mostly deer resistant natives for me. I appreciate her persistence in working with me to design a beautiful garden for our favorite insects and animals. I highly recommend Trecia Neal. - Diane Tidwell, Woodstock, GA

Thank you Trecia for giving us your all, again. There was an enthusiasm before your workshop/presentation. People were Eager to get supplies (a 10 gallon bin, newspapers, and a jug of water). For...... WORMS! Vermicomposting!!!!! Grow your own fertilizer!

Your presentation was wonderful, complete with sound effects that caught us all b surprise. Your knowledge, and enthusiasm, are infectious. Two members wrote saying they were disappointed toms your talk - they said they always learn so much from you. They should be sorry.
But.. what did those people who made it say???

"Best Presentation Ever at a DMGA Meeting!"
"Thanks for making this happen!"
"I can't wait to get this (vermicomposting bin) going!"
"She knows so much- I love hearing her talk."
Trecia makes learning fun again!"

and, my personal favorite: "She has Great Hair!"
Testimonial from Mike Doyle, President of DeKalb Master Gardeners