Trecia is also able to conduct hands-on workshops for groups to teach specific skills related to her subject areas.

Please see the list below for workshop topics.

wormsWorms In My Kitchen - this is a hands-on workshop on how to make a vermicomposting container. We will discuss how and why we vermicompost and build our own worm farm step by step. I can provide the supplies, or each person can bring their own supplies. This choice affects the price of the workshop.

monarchsMonarch Workshop - we offer a three hour workshop and a two day workshop for teachers and environmental educators.  We will discuss the biology and ecology of the monarch butterfly, the status of the monarch populations, and things that people can do to support the population and migration. Depending on the length of the workshop, we will create containers to raise caterpillars, pot milkweed seeds, and make a butterfly cage and net. For the teacher workshop we will learn and practice lessons to use in the classroom that will incorporate monarch science into teacher standards. This workshop can be individualized to the target audience.

compostHow to make Compost - this is a hands-on workshop on the best way to create compost in your landscape. We will discuss the importance of composting, why we compost, and build our own compost pile to demonstrate the correct method of putting a compost pile together.  Can accommodate up to 20 people.